Hey – I’m Mrs Peel, the woman behind Lemonpeel.  Why another T-shirt company, you might ask? Well, put simply – I couldn’t find any slogan tees I loved, so I decided to make some.  

I, like every other smart woman, know the power of a great T-shirt. Worn with a leather jacket and trainers or stompy boots it’s a go-to for women worldwide for a very good reason. It works.

Sometimes you swap the jeans for a slip skirt, the trainers for flats, the simple studs for luscious drops. You might even pair your tee with a tux. But you rarely swap the simple tee.

You’d like a slogan T-shirt, but you’ve never been able to find one that spoke to you. Until now. 

Lemonpeel makes T-shirts for grown-ups.  Curious, complex, occasionally capricious adults. Playfully subversive, statement tees that say it how it is.  

Lemonpeel tees don’t just change your look, they change your day, your mood and the way others react to us. Simple tees that give us the chance to break out of a rut and show the world how we feel without shouting. 

Lemonpeel adds a splash of acid, of zest, of joy to your wardrobe. Mischievous but stylish and more than a little bit clever.  T-shirts for people who are never afraid to speak their mind.

A little bit of rebellion that’s clever enough to ease into your wardrobe and work with everything in it, every day of the week.   

I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoy making them.

Oh, one more thing...

Lemonpeel doesn’t do fast fashion.  Lemonpeel London is a small batch producer. Quality and cut are part of our DNA. 

Lemonpeel T-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton sourced from one of the world’s leading sustainable producers, with certified supply chain excellence and Fair Wear working conditions. They are hand-printed in the UK using vegan and phthalate-free inks.

I know you’d expect nothing less – these things are important.  I'm not going to shout about it, but you can take it as a given that I've thought about it.