The Joys of Slow Fashion

‘Erm, I’ve heard of it, but what exactly is it?’

Slow fashion is the widespread reaction to fast fashion. ... Slow fashion is quality-based rather than time-based. The movement encourages slower production, unifies sustainability with ethics, and ultimately invites consumers to invest in well-made and lasting clothes.’ The Good Trade

You won’t have heard of Lemonpeel in any magazines or newspapers – yet! Lemonpeel is a small, quality brand – in its infancy.  I run it from my home, largely single-handedly. It’s a baby slow fashion business. I make T-shirts.

Lemonpeel is about putting joy into clothing. It’s about having fun and creating clothes that make people happy. I hope you buy the tees because you love them – after all, a good T-shirt goes a long way.  And what’s the point of buying something you won’t cherish or will only wear a few times? 

Behind the scenes, every choice I’ve made is aimed at creating a sustainable fashion brand.  From the organic cotton, recycled/recyclable packaging to personally collecting the final printed product instead of having it delivered – because I have an electric car.  It’s all been part of a conscious decision to minimise the Lemonpeel footprint.

I don’t print hundreds of anything but instead choose to produce small, exclusive design runs that I can reprint as needed. Lemonpeel may, occasionally, run out of stock.  But I think that’s ok – if you love the tees, I’m hopeful that you’ll be happy to wait a few weeks until they come back into stock.  I’d rather take the risk than print unnecessarily.

I hope you’ll love the joy and spirit of Lemonpeel designs. That they will bring an easy ‘joie de vivre’ into your wardrobe, effortlessly combining with your existing staples.

It’s my dream that Lemonpeelers (that’s you) will have your T-shirts for years and look forward to ‘bringing them out with you’ like an old friend and that really is the true meaning of sustainable fashion.