The Bra’s the Star!

Great T-shirts need great T-shirt bras

I don’t know about you, but for me what I wear under my clothes is almost as important as the clothes themselves. 

I’ve had a curvy figure since my boobs arrived, seemingly overnight, at age 11.  So I’ve learned, over many years of experience, exactly how critical quality underwear is.  Knickers – I could take them or leave them (hmmm – is that what I actually meant?), but my bra – that’s important. Really important.  With a bra, I need someone who really knows their balconettes from their plunges, their AAs from their DDs, their Chantelle from their Marie Jo.

My personal experts are Carol Segal, and her highly knowledgeable team I’ve been supported by her for over ten years. 

Lingerie runs in Carol’s family – her mother was in the lingerie business. In April Carol will celebrate the 35th anniversary of her first shop opening in Whitechapel, London; her second shop opened in Hertfordshire 20 years ago.  That’s a lot of breasts over the years and now Carol finds herself fitting different generations of women across a single family with many customers returning from abroad for a fitting. She’s won so many awards for service, achievement, knowledge and fitting that the Lingerie Awards created a new one - The Lingerie Superstar - just for her! She works on films and TV and fitted Emily Attack’s Celebrity Jungle swimwear, as well as consulting with global manufacturers to get their ranges just right based on the wearing experiences of real women.

Carol understands that boobs are not a fixed asset. They change over time, perhaps through weight loss or gain, or surgery (she fits medically too for surgical procedures).  Your size may change as your back expands from exercise or menopause. The ‘Hello boys!’ bra you wore in your 20s is almost certainly not the bra you need or want now

Here’s Carol’s advice on the best bras for a T-shirt.

My advice?  Take her advice!

Your shape and form are on show when wearing a T-shirt – especially a Lemonpeel one.  If you’re going to wear a slogan on your chest, make sure your billboard is ready to show. To make sure your T-shirt looks great, make sure your bust also looks at its best. 

There are many different designs to suit all shapes and sizes of busts and we at have these for you. What you want under your T-shirt is support and foundation with no seams. Your bra should be working to give you a great shape so that the star of the show, your Lemonpeel tee, can look its best. This will enable you to wear your T-shirts with pride and style.

So, let’s discuss just a few of the different seamless ranges we offer!

The French manufacturer Chantelle do some great seamless, spacer bras. Have a look at Courcelles or Parisian Allure. Theses ranges are underwired and are what we call a ‘spacer’ which means that the material is slightly thicker but not padded. It’s a material that is so easy to wear that it becomes part of you. These are available in cup sizes from C to F.

We also sell the German manufacturer Mey, who have made it their mission to specialise in seamless bras for T-shirts that molds around the bust. The comfort material has a stretch and a feel like no other. Check these out!

If you want a little bit more of a prettier look then have Marie Jo Avero. This range has been in our bestsellers for quite some time and it’s three different shapes are a favorite with our customers. You can even wear this bra as a halter, if you fancy. Marie Jo always design interesting straps so will always look nice if on show. Marie Jo have also added to the Tom range with its circle spot straps adding additional style to a smooth bra. These ranges are for cup sizes A to F.

From the USA we have Maidenform Comfort Devotion. This range is soft and comfortable and comes wired or non-wired. This lighter bra is great for the hot weather, holidays or just going shopping. A really easy wear!

We cannot talk about T-shirt bras without putting in Wacoal La Femme. This smooth moulded bra has a low front so not only is it seamless but also offers some fun cleavage. We call this a sweet-heart shape as it holds the bust in place with style.

Lingadore Daily Lace is another option for a young, fun, seamless style for sizes B to E, which can also be a halter if needed.

Some of you might not want to wear an underwired bra, so the range to look at is Chantelle C Magnifique. This design comes in both wired and non-wired and either work really well. This range has a clever double lining to help support and hold all busts from C cup to FF and Chantelle are known for their designs.

If you have a heavier bust then have a look at Prima Donna Divine. Although this is decorated with pretty lace it is smooth and seamless and really holds a heavier bust from D to H (French sizing). They have also added to their range Every Woman, which features a satin finish in different shades of skin tone.

Another idea to think about, is a body under your fitted clothing to give a sleek finish not only on the front view but also to take away any back lumps and bumps. The Chantelle Hedona body is fully supportive and will always fit nicely under all clothing. As well as the Tom range from Marie Jo L’Aventure. This body also suits many people who just want everything tucked away and looking sleek. 

Enjoy not only wearing your Lemonpeels, but knowing that your foundation is perfect for that supported look.